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This is one of our reception girls, “ I am South African and wild at heart! I love the beach, nature, surfing, yoga, fire dancing, hula hooping and a new challenge! I love people, I love sharing, and I love New Zealand! I love pasta, wine and tequila… but most of all I love life with all its beautiful colours!”

Why you think Pacific Coast Lodge is awesome?

There is always a warm welcome from everyone when you walk through the doors, and laughter and good vibes coming from the communal areas!

There’s  invitations from everyone to go to the beach, to go surf or skate, to go and do a sunrise/sunset walk up our beautiful Mount or go and explore the nearby waterfalls – someone is always up to something and getting everyone involved

Favourite local activity?

Most definitely surfing –  ....and next on the list after that, sunrise walk up the mount

Top tip for making your stay awesome?

I believe your stay would be awesome regardless. This town just has a way of making you feel so blessed to be here!