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Rachel R

Rachel R

Assistant Manager

“I was born a traveller and adventurer, always going on trips with my family to different countries around the world every summer. I grew up in Dubai among expats and locals, returned to NZ to study Marine Biology then headed off to Australia and Europe to work on luxury yachts and in hotels, honing my skills in cleaning! My favourite things are, house-keeping and cleaning (I know!) music and singing, writing and reading, scuba diving and being on the sea in any form!

My favourite thing about PCL is?

"Working at reception It gives me a chance to get to know guests and make friends and connections for life!"

Favourite place to visit?

"Te Puna quarry park. An out of the way park/ botanical garden in an old reclaimed quarry. It has great views of the Mount and Tauranga and lots of interesting and quirky things about it.

Top tip for making your stay awesome?

"try to make it to the farmer markets of Saturdays and Sunday. It's a great way to meet interesting characters and locals as well as enjoying good food"