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Hi my name is Rena and I am half Greek half English. I love to travel and am always up for an adventure, my favourite thing about exploring new places is all the great people you meet along the way! I love to go out and try new things, but usually if the weather is good you can find me by the beach, if it isn't I will be curled up somewhere in with a good book. I love to be busy and get my teeth into a project, I paint, sew and swim but my favourite pass time is driving and discovering new places the local area. 

My favourite thing about PCL.  

The location is amazing and you will feel part of a little community in no time!

My favourite activity?

Visiting all the events that are put on in Tauranga, from markets to exhibitions, they have it all here and there is something new every week.

My top tips for making your stay awesome.

Jump in and get involved, talk to all the people you meet in the hostel and you will be out surfing or on a road trip with new friends in no time.