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Pacific Coast Lodge

White Island Tours with PeeJay

White Island sits in the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean, 49 km off the east coast of the Bay of Plenty. Visitors are drawn by the mystery and fury of Middle Earth, for White Island is indeed New Zealand’s only LIVE MARINE VOLCANO!

Step aboard PeeJay, one of two boats purpose built for White Island Tours and let the crew take you on a 5 - 6 hour journey you will never forget.

As trained tour guides take you around the inner crater of White Island, you can be forgiven for thinking you’ve just landed on the moon. Hissing fumaroles emitting bursts of steam are surrounded by glittering yellow sulphur crystals. Humans dwarfed by steaming mounds and jagged, broken rock formations, venture right to the crater’s edge to peer down through eerie steam to a simmering lake of colourful acid…

The 90 minute fully guided tour gives you time to absorb your surroundings and ask questions that will undoubtedly arise in your mind as you feel the power of Mother Nature…

Tours depart from Whakatane daily – weather depending. Safety gear is provided, refreshments and lunch is included.

If you'd like the team at Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers to help you make your White Island tour booking, please contact us.