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Front Desk

I’m a Canadian guy from Kitchener Ontario. When I got to New Zealand in late February of 2020, I had no idea I’d staying for a whole lot longer than the five months on my return ticket.

Before arriving in NZ, I was a public relations person for a tech policy think tank – so if you want a very nerdy conversation about global tech policy, I’m your man. I also love sports (especially basketball and hockey), music (I play guitar and drums), and the outdoors.

What makes Pacific Coast lodge Awesome?

PCL is a friendly and welcoming place, in a killer location.

My favourite activity in the Mount?
I’m a hopeless romantic, so it’s long walks on the beach for me.

Top tip for making your stay awesome?

Try to get out to the beach for at least one sunrise. The early morning is well worth it and there are plenty of cafes along the way if you need a caffeine fix to get going.