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Head Cleaner/Night warden

Hey ya’ll my name is Jolie Choquette! I am from the red, white, and blue USA. We only eat hot dogs, Kraft cheese, and success! I grew up in both Juneau, AK and Seattle, WA. I studied psychology and environmental science at Washington State University, GO COUGS! I am a leo, I like long walks on the beach, anything alcoholic, and dancing. I’m here for a good time, not a long time! Giddy-up!

What makes Pacific Coast lodge Awesome?

That’s an easy question, the people and the beach! This place is MAGICAL. Let yourself create memories with some of the greatest people around that you’ll never forget. Go have a beach day! Go out on a Tuesday when you work on a Wednesday! Stay up late with your crush at the back table! Anything can happen

My favorite activity in the Mount?

If you can’t tell already, I am down for a good time. I love socializing, going out on the town, staying in with the best people drinking cheap beer to save money, walking the beach, walking around the Mount, climbing the mount, watching sun sets. All that jazz! 

Top tip for making your stay awesome?

TAKE CHANCES! Be friendly to everyone! You create the experience and community that you want.