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Assistant Manager

 Bonjour! Je m’appelle Laure and I come from a country where we adore nice bread, cheese and wine :)

I arrived in New Zealand in 2018. Travelled around a bit but my heart felt special in the Mount. It is such a magical place, I love the beach vibe and the spirituality that comes from the sacred Mauao.

After being stuck outside of New Zealand because of the travel restrictions of Covid19 in 2020, and forced back to live in Europe for 10 months, I realised how lucky I was to be in New Zealand with this quality of life.

So with my partner, we decided to become residents and to settle for good here because Life Is Better At The Mount!
You can often find me having a picnic on the beach, swimming in the ocean, walking up the Mount or enjoying a glass of wine with my friends.
I love a good chit chat so please come say hi :)

What makes Pacific Coast Lodge awesome?

PCL is spacious, clean, stylish, super close to the beach and cafes. It has The vibe you are looking for. You will meet friends and create your tribe. PCL will be like your second family!

Favorite activities in the Mount?

Swimming on ocean beach side while looking at the beautiful Mount Mauao. I feel blessed to live in the Mount, it has an active beach lifestyle that I love.
You can go for a swim, for a hike and for a beer within 1km.

Top tip for making your stay awesome?

We are a social backpacker, share a meal in our spacious kitchen or a movie in our TV lounge. Participate to our regular events to meet awesome people.

Explore the area; it is full of beautiful gems. You can never get bored.