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Sarah Meadows

Sarah Meadows


Sarah works behinds the scenes. She has been in the Backpacking industry for 14 years. After heading off on her big OE nursing and racking up 0ver 45 countries she landed in Montreal and New York where she stayed in 2 backpackers that made a mark– it was a “eureka” moment and from that day on knew want she wanted to do – so home she went and started up Harbourside City Backpackers – which lead into Pacific Coast Lodge with her husband in 2012.

“I am happiest when I have all that I need on my back, I love travelling and exploring new places, cultures and food! I love sharing our beautiful country with our guests and sharing local spots that make others fall in love with New Zealand as much as I do! I am also into yoga, wake boarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and hanging on the beach with my boys”

What makes Pacific coast lodge awesome?

We really care about our guests and want them to have fun! We choose our staff to help build our awesome culture within the hostel which in turn attracts awesome guests to stay longer! It's all about the people!

My favourite activity in the Mount? 

Going to Matakana island with my family and friends – we call it “little Fiji”, catch the ferry over there and stay all day!

Top tip for making your stay awesome? 

Don’t be shy! Introduce yourself to others and in no time you will find friends for life. Have positive attitude if looking for work, those with the best attitude always gets the best jobs!