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Work in the Bay

Work In the Bay

Looking for a job to fund your travels?
If you're coming to the Bay of Plenty for work, Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers and our sister hostel Harbourside City Backpackers in Tauranga are the place to be! Both backpackers have been the seasonal labour office in the area for over 14 years now. We have built up a huge database of reliable and honest contractors and contacts who will call us first whenever there are jobs available around town.  

We need workers now! Please call the hostel today and we will have you out working in no time!

The Bay of Plenty is the kiwifruit capital of the world! Mount Maunganui is situated in the middle of one of New Zealand's major exporting industries with orchards and pack-houses all around the area. The peak months are March until June, which are the picking (outdoor) and packing (indoor) times. From September to April there is limited work in kiwifruit pruning and flower picking.

No previous experience is necessary as you will get on-the-job training. What you do need is to have the right attitude. You work when the sun is shining and the rainy days become your days off. You need to be fit, enthusiastic and reliable. Having your own transport is a bonus but we do have a van available as well. Otherwise we can help with car-pooling with other guests to share petrol costs.

We are here to help our guests, therefore we do not charge a fee for finding you work but you must stay at Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers if we find you a job for as long as you will be working on the job. Usually there is a 2 week commitment. For picking you are required to commit for the whole season which is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. If you leave the hostel, you will leave the job.

Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers can assist you in finding seasonal work not only in the kiwifruit industry but other fields as well. We have close work relationships with honest contractors and we advise you to work only with contractors that we recommend to avoid disappointment.

Kiwi Fruit Picking
Check in with us and we can put you on the picking list and get you in contact with the contractors. It's great if you have your own transport even better if you have spare seats to take other guests with you to the orchards.

Kiwi Fruit Packing
There are many pack-houses in the Bay of Plenty. The packing starts at the end of March/April, however you must fill out an application form before they employ you, so you need to register in February already. Come in and see us, we can point you in the right direction and get your application processed. After that you can go traveling for a while and come back when the job starts!

Mount Maunganui is one of New Zealand's top holiday destinations for kiwi's and tourists. This equals to loads of jobs available especially in summer time! We are known in the Mount as the first place to call if they are looking for casual workers. We are located walking distance from all the restaurants, shops, cafes and bars so whenever they need an extra hand during the weekend or have part time/full time jobs available, they know who to call!

We also supply workers for various other seasonal work in the area such as:

  • Factories
  • Construction/Labour companies
  • Landscaping companies and many more!
  • Local families

To legally work in New Zealand you must have:

  • A valid working permit: (work visa or work and holiday visa) Visitors to New Zealand who do not hold a New Zealand passport or a resident permit need to apply for a work permit. Without the correct visa, you are not able to work in New Zealand. We cannot help you with your visa application. If you require more information about your visa or how to apply for one, please visit the website of New Zealand immigration service.
  • IRD number: To work in New Zealand you need to pay income tax, your IRD number (tax number) is unique to you. Without an IRD number, the employer will deduct income tax at the highest non-declaration tax rate of 45%, so make sure you have your IRD sorted before you start working, it will take up to 10 working days to process.
  • Bank account: You will need to set up a bank account in New Zealand so your employers can pay you money into an account. We have multiple banks here in Tauranga where you can easily open up a bank account. All you need is your passport and a letter of resident which we can help you with.

We are in the backpackerguideNZ and they have EVERYTHING you need to know not just about travelling in New Zealand but have great information on working in New Zealand, the following:

  • How to get a Working Holiday Visa?
  • Check your country's specific requirements
  • Step-By-Step Working Holiday Visa Guide
  • How do I get a visa extension?

They also have hot tips about working in New Zealand, where to go and what time of year through to a job listing site. The BackpackerguideNZ has it all! As well as the best places to stay and best activities to do throughout the country!