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Adventure in the Bay of Plenty

Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers is happy to help you book any of the following Bay of Plenty activities - please click here to contact us for more information

Briars Forest & River Horse Trek
Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty

Enjoy a Horse-back ride with Briar through a paradise of peaceful native forests, alongside beautiful rivers and across magnificent farm land. Get away from the hustle and bustle of life and ride your horse among stunning New Zealand farm and forest with acres of sun dappled trails, deer with fawns and farm animals. For many of our guests this is an unforgettable once in a life time horse riding experience. The Trek is situated south of Te Puke in the country side at Paengaroa. The gorgeous scenery like that made famous in The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit is viewable every day on the farm in New Zealand.
The land you ride on boasts amazing scenic views, forest trails and a orchestra of birds singing in the trees. They can cater for horse riding groups small and large, riders experienced and inexperienced.
Their focus on safety is a priority, ensuring that riders are mounted on a horse with a suitable temperament and they are given the necessary instruction before leaving so that they are able to ride safely.

Blokart International

Blokarting is fast, clean, and perfect for those who love both speed and sailing. Designed for both recreation and competition, the blokart landsailer is ideal for everyone. From kids to grandparents, adrenalin junkies to the disabled, everyone can enjoy blokarting.

Blokarting opens up a whole new style of land based racing. Because of its small size and extreme manoeuvrability the blokart is able to be sailed quite safely on any firm surface, from hard sand and short grass to asphalt and concrete. If you want the thrill of a lifetime, Blokart International at Papamoa offers all the equipment and a great track. Whether experienced or wanting to learn, this is the venue that offers everything you need.

Adventure Bay of Plenty
Glow Worm tour

Adventure Bay of Plenty offers a very unique experience at McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga. Kayak on a calm, safe waters of the lake before entering the river, shrouded in native bush. As it gets dark hear the haunting call of our own native owl the Ru Ru (Morepork) and watch the speckles of the glow worms amongst the bush.

Brace yourself as you enter the canyon and witness the spectacle of the glow worms covering the steep cliffs of the canyon. 

Witness the beautiful native Silver Fern and hear stories how it was used to protect the women and children during times of battle.

You return to the walk after dark which offers a chance to see the glow worms up close including witnessing their silk web. You will also see our native New Zealand Silver Fern at night, all the time hearing the soothing sound of the nearby creek and waterfall in the distance.

You can also do trips around the Mount or to the outer Islands.


Hibiscus Surf School offers first class surfing instruction for all ages and abilities in a fun and safe learning environment. Whatever your surfing ability, your 100% certified, friendly instructors will provide personalized instruction and encourage you every step of the way.

They are located at Main Beach, Mount Maunganui which offers learning conditions that are second to none. You will gain confidence, water skills, and balance.

Within your first 1 or 2 hour lesson, you'll be riding waves and feeling the good vibes that come from surfing!

Tauranga Tandem Sky Dive

Offering the ultimate adrenaline buzz in the bay! Tauranga Tandem Sky Dive has highly trained and highly skilled Tandem Masters. The Bay of Plenty region is a beautiful place to be seen from the air, with the Pacific Ocean's clear, blue waters complimented by the majestic backdrop of the Kaimai range and the Papamoa Hills, with the added bonus of the Mount and the large inner harbour inlet makes this jump one to remember! 

Wet 'n' Wild

Rafting on New Zealand’s beautiful rivers is an adventure of a lifetime. Great for families, groups of friends or colleagues, as well as individual thrill seekers. Wet ‘n’ Wild Rafting offers 30 years of  experience in guided white water rafting. Wet ‘n’ Wild organizes some of the best rafting trips in the country!

Rafting is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. On your Wet 'n' Wild Adventure you will enjoy multiple sensations...the exhilaration and thrill from nature's powerful forces at work, the white water and the respect that it commands; you will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that encompasses you throughout the journey, and, you will relish in the contentment of achievement and fulfilment of personal and team challenge met and mastered along the way.

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