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Pacific Coast Lodge

Coming to the Bay for work?

Pacific Coast Lodge Backpackers and their sister hostel Harbourside City Backpackers have been the Seasonal Labour office in the area for over 14 years. They have built up a huge database of reliable and honest contacts who call them first when needing workers.


Pacific Coast Lodge can assist you in finding seasonal work in the Bay of Plenty, which is also home to the Kiwifruit Industry.

The Bay of Plenty is the Kiwifruit capital of the world! Mount Maunganui is situated in the middle of one of New Zealand's major exporting industries with orchards and packhouses all around the area.
Work is available ALL year, but the PEAK months are April until September, which are the Kiwifruit picking and packing times. There is work outdoors in orchards or indoors in the packhouses, grading sheds and coolstores. September through to April there is limited work Kiwifruit pruning.

No previous experience is necessary and you will get on-the-job training. The right attitude is the key! You work when the sun is shining as the rainy days become your days off. You will need to be fit, enthusiastic and reliable. Having your own transport is a bonus but we do have an 11 seater van and we help car pool with other guests to share petrol costs.

We do not charge a fee for finding you work but you must stay at Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers if we find you a job. There is a minimum 2 week commitment (For picking you are required to commit for the whole season approx 6-8 weeks). If you leave the hostel, you leave the job. We offer affordable weekly rates for all guests.

Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers has close working relationships with honest Contractors and we advise you to work only with Contractors that we recommend. There are many Packhouses in the area that we also work in with.

 Kiwifruit Packhouses

There are many pack houses in and around Mount Maunganui. Work will begin around March/April. You must fill out an application form before they will employ you. You will need to register in February, so it is best to come in and see us as we can point you in the right direction (we'll give you a Packhouse Kit) and get your application processed... You can then go travelling for a while then come back to a job!

Although we are located close to a few of the packhouses, it really is best if you have your own transport to make it easier to get around efficiently to make your applications..

Bars & Cafes

We are known in Mount Maunganui as the first place to call if they are looking for casual workers. You can easily walk into work from Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers! There are plenty of jobs, especially in the summer time!


Seasonal Work - Other

We also supply workers to various other seasonal work in the area, such as:

  • Fish Factory

  • Cheese Factory

  • Cake Factory

  • Recycling Plant

  • Demolition

These jobs are all year round, with more demand from September – February.


Work Permits

Visitors to New Zealand who do not hold a New Zealand passport or a resident permit need to apply for a work permit. Visitors interested in applying for work permits should make enquiries at their New Zealand Embassy or the NZ Immigration Service. (

The working holiday visa is the best option for backpackers who need a little extra cash to enjoy New Zealand for longer. It will allow you to work in New Zealand for up to 12 months during your trip. The conditions of the working holiday visa vary from country to country as well as the application process. Simple, easy and useful, the working holiday visa is your best choice when visiting New Zealand on a budget!

For more information, check out the following:
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Inland Revenue Department

You will need to apply for an IRD number (tax number) when you first arrive in New Zealand. You cannot get paid until you have this number. It normally takes 10 working days to process. (

For more information:

Work & Pay your Taxes
What is your tax code?
Register for IRD online (myIR)

Bank Account

You will need to set up a bank account in New Zealand so your employers can pay you money into an account. The ANZ Bank here in Mount Maunganui will easily open up a bank account – all you need is your passport & we can supply a Letter of Residence for you.

Thanks to Backpacker Guide NZ for help with this information.
Pacific Coast Lodge is the ideal Mount Maunganui accommodaiton if you're in the Bay for work
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