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A Typical Day as a Seasonal Worker

A Typical Day as a Seasonal Worker

This time of year is super busy for us here at the hostel as people travel to the Bay of Plenty for working holidays where the sun is shining and we have a tonne of jobs on offer!

So what is it really like doing one of these seasonal jobs? We thought we would share with you here are sneak peak at a "Day in the Life of a Seasonal Worker"...

One of the many reasons guests stay with us at this time of year is because we have the best hook-ups for seasonal work.  We have our own contacts with orchard contractors, pack houses and more, and can set you up with a great job from the day you arrive if you want!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Waking up early is a must! But many of our seasonal worker guests choose to give the morning shower a miss just to get that extra 10mins sleep - after all, you will definitely need a shower when you get home.

You'll need to make sure you have a good breakfast, have a packed lunch ready to go and a water bottle. Sunscreen and a hat are also important because even in Spring our sunshine is harsh and you can easily get burnt after hours out in the field. Don't forget your sunnies too!

Transport Included

Our driver and 11-seater hostel van will be waiting in the carpark to get everyone to the orchards in time. Most are about 30mins drive away so you can count that as extra time for sleeping or listening to some music.

Your driver and ride will be there to return you to the hostel at the end of the long day too - it's a life of luxury really!

Fruit & Flower Picking

Out in the orchards you usually work in teams. You’ll get paid per bin so the more you pick as a team, the more money you can make for your future travels! It’s all about speed and being gentle with the flowers or fruit.

You work with the same group on different orchards throughout the season which means you get to travel to different locations too. Some of these orchards have epic ocean views, or views over the Mount area. You will only work on dry days so you can rest up on the rainy days (there aren't many tho!) and otherwise enjoy the sunshine while making some extra cash!

Rest & Repeat

After a long day of hard work, you will feel like you've had a good work-out and will want to get cleaned up stat! As soon as you get back to the hostel you can jump in a hot shower or run down to the beach for a dive in the ocean.

Grab some fish and chips for dinner while watching the sun go down at Pilot Bay.

Yep, just another day in paradise.