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Not the GC but Still an Awesome Staycation

Not the GC but Still an Awesome Staycation

It’s that time of year when we’re all either lusting after, planning or about to embark on a mid-winter sunshine get away to the Gold Coast or the Pacific Islands or, if you’ve been an extra good squirrel, maybe even Europe.

So it’s fair to say that right about now we’re starting to feel a bit sorry for ourselves and wishing for a sunshine get away but can’t because… well let’s not bring up the C-Word.

And so we all find ourselves conveniently trapped in paradise.

Mount Maunganui Beaches & Sunshine

What you may not have realised though is that the Bay of Plenty region and Mount Maunganui actually make the perfect get away for this time of year. You might not get a tan but we have more than our fair share of white sandy beaches; a beautiful harbour for cruising on a SUP, kayak or boat; and a pristine coastline you can explore by bike, boat charter or walking.

At this time of year, we can plenty of blue sky, bright sunny days too!

Bars & Music Venues

The ‘Village’ (as it’s known by the locals) has also been attracting some really great acts lately – especially as so many musicians and performers are either staying in NZ or doing everything they can to come here. If you do plan a ‘Not the GC’ Staycation with us then we definitely recommend jumping on the Facebook pages of our fav local venues to check out what’s on so you can plan your get away or maybe even stay longer:

  • Totara St – Dedicated venue which holds up to 500 people and hosts some brilliant acts from big bands to DJ’s, dance performances and more.
  • Social Club – A restaurant/bar where they normally have a DJ or acoustic band play every Friday, Saturday & Sunday night plus they host monthly comedy nights, Jazz nights and Jam Session nights.
  • Astrolabe Brew Bar – A well-known favourite bar where you can often find bands and DJs playing (they had L.A.B. play just last month!).
  • PCL – Yep, drinks at our place often results in guests bringing out their own music or guitars for an impromptu warm-up session before a big night out.

Accommodation on a Budget = More Spending Money

We’ve got a great range of accommodation options if you’re travelling alone, with friends or in a large group. From our double or twin share rooms, right up to our 4, 6, 8 or 10 bed bunk rooms. Book out the space you need and max out the awesome facilities here.

You’ll be right at home amongst like-minded people who are also into getting out and getting amongst it. Most people actually find it hard to leave as they always talk of the great friends they make while staying with us.

It’s no surprise that it’s the kitchen and dining area where you’ll meet the most people which is also super handy for getting together a group of friends before hitting the beaches or the town. The games room and lounge are popular hang outs too – check out more of our facilities here.