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Time to get salty! Surfing @The Mount

Time to get salty! Surfing @The Mount

So you’ve been dying to give surfing a go but not ready to jump into some lessons? Or maybe you’ve tried it a few times already but don’t have your own board yet?

We reckon surfing is just what you do here. Everyone has a surfboard and you’ll see people of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes giving it a go or shredding it up on our (mostly) gentle waves in The Mount. And we want you to enjoy life as a local while you’re here too!

Surf’s Up

We’re super fortunate here because the waves are generally pretty small and our beach is generally pretty safe – although do make sure you follow some safety basics before you go out and while you’re out there, like checking for rips, not going too far out and ensuring you and your friends can swim well.

Everywhere along Mount Maunganui beach is a great place to go surfing. If you’re still a learner then just go and catch some froth, or scan the beach for the peaks if you are more experienced.

Pacific Coast Lodge & Backpackers is literally an eight-minute walk from our accommodation to the beach. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Have Board Will Surf

No board you say? No worries! We’ve got a stack of FREE surfboards we loan to any of our guests wanting to give it a try. These soft-top surfboards are ideal for beginners and a great way to catch some small waves without too much effort.

Or maybe you’ve got a few skills and know what you’re doing out there? Then hit us up for one of our hard-top boards for a small fee. And if you BYO then we have plenty of secure storage for your own boards too.

A word of warning tho - watch out for the dolphins, they like the waves even more and will probably cut in on you!

Get the Hook-Ups

Our team all have a ton of experience working with us and will hook you up with the best connections for lessons, gear or places to go if you need to know more.

Just ask anyone at reception and we’ll get you sorted.