Why you should visit Mount Maunganui in Autumn!

Nestled in the Bay of Plenty region, Mount Maunganui is in Tauranga and is a backpacker's paradise, especially in Autumn. Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Here are some of the best things to do during this magical season:

  1. Hike Mount Maunganui: The summit offers panoramic views of the sparkling ocean, surrounding islands, and the city below. Autumn's cooler temperatures make it the perfect time to tackle this iconic trail without breaking a sweat. Don't forget your camera – the sunrise and sunset views are absolutely breathtaking! Trust us, it is Instagram-worthy!
  2. Explore McLaren Falls Park: Where autumn paints the trees with stunning shades of red, orange, and gold, take a leisurely stroll along the walking tracks and picnic by the serene lake. HOnestly this place is beautiful, you can even see glow worms if you go at night! 
  3. Feijoas at Tauranga Farmers Market: Indulge your taste buds at the Tauranga Farmers Market. You must try local specialties like feijoas: bursting with a sweet, tangy flavour, they're autumn's ultimate treat in Tauranga!
  4. Hit the Beach: While summer may be over, Tauranga's beaches are still worth a visit in autumn. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the golden sands of Papamoa Beach or catch some waves at Mount Maunganui Beach with our free surfboards and bodyboards! With fewer crowds and mild temperatures, autumn is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and soak up the beauty of Tauranga's coastline.
  5. Soak at the Mount Hot Pool: Picture this: chilling in warm, mineral-rich waters at the base of Mount Maunganui. It's the ultimate relaxation spot after all your travels. Just kick back, let the steam rise, and soak it up. It's like hitting the reset button for your body and soul.
  6. Take a Day Trip to Rotorua: Just an hours drive from Tauranga lies the geothermal wonderland of Rotorua. Spend a day exploring bubbling mud pools, steaming geysers, and lush forests teeming with native flora and fauna. Don't miss the chance to relax in a natural hot spring or experience the thrill of ziplining through the treetops.

Whether you're seeking outdoor thrills, cultural experiences, or simply a chance to relax and unwind, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui has something for every backpacker this autumn. So pack your bags, come and stay at our hostel, Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers in Mount Maunganui, grab your camera; and get ready to fall in love with the beauty of Tauranga in autumn!

Happy travels!

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