Eco Tourism

At Pacific Coast Lodge, we are committed to encouraging and prioritising sustainability throughout our business. From the cleaning products we use, to the monthly beach cleans we host, we are always looking for new and worthwhile ways to reduce our footprint and keep New Zealand green and clean.

Besides being Qualmark certified, we are a Silver Level Resource Wise business which means we have diverted 70% of our waste away from landfill! You’ll notice our colour-coded and easy to read recycling bins throughout the property. Please help us to help you support our Eco Tourism goals too!

Don’t forget, we sell reusable water bottles in reception that you can take on your travels! Just say NO to plastic.

Below is a quick snapshot of just some of the initiatives we have in place which you can jump on board with as well. And while you’re out and about in our community, we ask you to do a quick double-check to make sure you have taken everything and are leaving only footprints.

Let’s all play our part to support our environment and guard it for future generations by being conscious consumers and light travellers on this beautiful land and sea that we all are so lucky to enjoy today.

Reduce Reuse Recycle - Travel - Repeat

"reduce reuse recycle" written on the beach
Qualmark Silver award, Committed to Sustainable Tourism badge, Resource Wise Business Gold Award

Join Us In Our Sustainability Initiatives ....


Less Landfill Rubbish: Sort, recycle or reuse

ecofriendly-cleaning-products_nature_the mount_PCL

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

vendella-eco-range-bedding_pacific coast lodge and backpackers

Vendella Eco Range Bedding

water-use_pacific coast lodge_mount maunganui_water

Energy Use: LED lights, less water & power use

say-no-to-plastic_recycling_conscious_mount backpackers

Less Plastic: Use only recycled or reusable


Environmentally friendly personal care products for sale

save-paper-zero waste-mount maunganui-recycling-pcl

Less Paper or Recycled Paper

use-less-fossil-fuels-zero waste-no waste-pacific coast lodge and backpackers

Less Fossil Fuels: Shared travel, bike or walk

pacific-coast-lodge-family-mount maunganui

Our Story

gypsy traveller_backpacking_traveling new zealand_Mount maunganui

Giving Back

Mount Maunganui Main Beach_main beach_tauranga


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