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Sustainable Tourism

Reducing our footprint and protecting our future

Sustainable Tourism is about ensuring the future of our environment, society and the economy. It is about ensuring it is positively impacted by those who come to enjoy it.

We are proud to be doing our bit to protect our beautiful region and country for the benefit of not only our children and their children, but also those of our international guests and their children, who will want to travel and experience the beauty of New Zealand too.

In March 2020, we completed a Tauranga City Council Waste Audit which confirmed we diverted over 58% of our waste from landfill per annum! This is one of the actions we have taken which have seen us gain the Silver QualMark Award recognising Sustainable Tourism.

Be part of the solution

We invite you to also be environmentally conscious tourists by reducing, recycling or reusing any products that may end up piling up in a landfill. You might also like to join our monthly Beach Clean-Up Team or take the Taiki Promise and plant a tree to off-set your carbon emissions.

Our sustainability initiatives...

We do our bit for our environment by:

  • Buying in bulk and using biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning products
  • Having vehicles regularly serviced to reduce carbon emissions
  • Carpooling and encouraging guests to do the same
  • Purchasing local products and services where possible
  • Choosing sustainable options for printing or other products where possible
  • Making energy efficiency a priority - we use LED lights plus have low flush toilets and taps and shower heads that use less water
  • Collecting and donating unwanted items to local charities for reusing or recycling

Our wildlife conservation initiatives...

We do our bit for our wildlife...

  • We have adopted a KIWI, called “Matata” and sponsored a trap to trap stoats, a predator of Kiwi in our local native forests
  • We give our guests the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions by planting a native tree after staying with us for 90 days

Our Tiaki Promise means...

'Tiaki' means to care for people and place. New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for the future generations.

By following the Tiaki Promise, you are making a commitment to New Zealand to act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

We ask all our guests to take the Taiki Promise with us here:

While travelling in New Zealand, I will...
Care for the land, sea and nature,
Treading lightly and leaving no trace.
I will travel safely,
Showing care and consideration for all.
I will respect all cultures,
Travelling with an open mind and heart.

By following the Tiaki Promise you are making a commitment to New Zealand.

* Drive carefully * Keep NZ clean * Protect nature * Show respect * Be prepared *

Our Environmental Promise
We promise to think before we buy, use and discard. We have measures in place to make sure we act with the intention of limiting our impact on the earth. We will also off-set our carbon footprint by planting trees, protecting our wildlife and natural habitats, and help to make our community cleaner. We will embrace the Taiki Promise and encourage our guests to do the same.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

We are a member of this is a non-profit organisation that promotes litter abatement, waste minimisation as well as town and city beautification across New Zealand. 

KNZB is about inspiring, educating and providing resources for volunteers who share their passion. We actively encourage our guests to not only be a tidy Kiwi while in NZ, but pick up rubbish on their travels, join our monthly PCL CLEAN TEAM day and participate in the annual KNZB 'Clean up Week' in September.


254,000 children in New Zealand are living in hardship. They do not get the start in life they need and deserve. They don’t get the essentials, so they miss out on the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Long term, this means that they are likely to get sick more often, to do worse at school, to be unemployed, have low self-worth and, when they are an adult, their children are also more likely to live in hardship.

We want to ensure children ‘In Our Own Backyard’ have the opportunity of brighter futures and are therefore proud sponsors of this awesome charity.